Rick Lacy

600 North Central Ave #626 Glendale CA 91203



Online Portfolio: www.ricklacyportfolio.com


School of Visual Arts; NY, NY

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, 2002

Animation Studios

How to Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge (2016 - Present)

  • Storyboard Artist

    • Responsible for story breakdown of TV length script

    • Produced thumbnail pass to final storyboards

    • Collaborated with Director and Design to shape story

    • Responsible for comedy, romance and action oriented scenes.

Venture Bros. Productions (2002 - 2009)

  • Story Artist

    • Storyboarded for seasons 2 -3

    • Collaborated with Writers and Editorial for, story, timing and structure

    • Revised storyboards for post production.

  • Lead Character Designer

    • Designed pivotal (and fan favorite) characters for series.

    • Created model sheets and pose packets for overseas animation studio.

    • Designed all major vehicles

  • Art Director for Commercial Division

    • Lead art team consisting of story and designers

    • Storyboards and style guide creation

Bento Box Entertainment

  • Character Designer - freelance

    • Pre-visualization concept art for undisclosed television property.

    • Character and vehicle model sheets

Fox Kids Entertainment

  • Storyboard Artist

    • Story artist for 3rd gen TMNT series

    • Collaborated with Director to pitch ideas and shape story.

Curious Pictures

- Storyboard Artist

  - for various commercials and DVD movies featuring Mattel's Barbie line.

Cartoon Pizza

- Character Designer

 - for children's show productions with Jim Jinkins the creator of “Doug.”


Video Game Studios

Zynga (2012 - 2015)

  • Principal Creative Artist for new IP and Licensing

    • Lead developer for new project ideas

    • Designed and presented new company IP within an incubator team

    • Supported Creative Director and Art Director with cross discipline feedback

    • Quickly turned over game ideas for our internal game teams to build upon

    • Licensing artist for external business partnerships

    • Created art and designs for external parties such as DC, Warner Bros and Fox

    • Crafted a weekly pipeline for quick turn-arounds and agile pitches

    • Created pre-visualization artwork for many different licenses

  • Lead Artist for Farmville 2

    • Develop artistic style and process for conceptual art and ingame 3d assets.

    • Produce high quality, project defining concept art.

    • Lead 20 person art team.

    • Managed outsource, consistency and schedule.

    • Grow careers and train junior artists.

    • Direct and review marketing art initiatives for brand quality and outreach.

    • Designed and edited new greenlight process for internal IP

    • Lead new divisional project for associated cartoon shorts for the farmville brand.

    • Built a story team and storyboarded a series of short films.

    • Lead a team of 5 from pre-viz to finished 3d animation.

  • Art Director (interim) Farmville 2

    •   Maintained quality bar through daily art reviews across a 140 person project.

    •   Reviewed budget and deadlines with Product Managers

    •   Presented high level ideas for future cadence releases to stakeholders.

    •   This role was for 6 months while our current AD was transitioning

GameLoft (2009 - 2012)

  • Art Director for The Oregon Trail: American Settler

    • Defined the greenlit art style for the NY studio’s largest mobile game endeavor.

    • Designed Characters, environment and style guide.

    • Developed communication and art review pipeline.

    • Oversaw concept, animation and UI design.

    • Lead designers on UX problem solving and created a feedback loop for studio wide review.

    • Oversaw expansion packs; leading teams in New Orleans and Russian studios.

  • Lead Artist for:

    •  Two 4th gen iPhone FPS games

    •  Facebook network games

    •  RTS on 4th gen iPhone

  • Cinematic Story Artist

    • Directed and shaped the story through cutscenes

    • Collaborated with lead animators and designers


Comic Book Illustration

Dark Horse Comics

  • Illustrator (pencils and inks)

    • "Star Wars Adventures: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon"

    • "Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures"

    • 4 book run as lead artist and concept designer for "Hellboy: Animated" comic series.

    • Pre-visual art for "Indiana Jones Adventures"

Oni Press

  • Co-Creator, designer and illustrator for three Volume mini series entitled "Labor Days."

  • Illustrator for single story in "Jam" anthology.

Image Comics

  • Illustrator (pencils and inks) for single story in "Outlaw Territory: Volume 2."


Teaching and Educational

The Character Design Class

  • Instructor and Proprietor

    • private character design art class for local students in Brooklyn, NY

    • focus on fundamental design skills up to advanced study for competitive artists.

    • online workshop for international students

New York University/ Design, Digital Arts and Film

  • Instructor

    • fundamental Character Design and Concept Art class

    • Taught 20 plus students per semester

    • Responsible for syllabus, budget and grading of students.

New York University/ Tisch School of the Arts

  • Lecturer

    • Lecturer at various classes on artistic production and character design.

    • Motivational speaker for graduating seniors entering the workforce

    • Portfolio review

School of Visual Arts

  • Lecturer

    • Lecturer at Career Development class for Art and Film

    • Special Guest Speaker at school wide lecture called "From the Trenches"

    • Free form lecture that focused on defining artistic voice.


Computer Skills

  • Digital Art Programs: Expert

    • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator)

    • Storyboard Pro

  • Trained in the use of:

    • 3d pipelines for Maya and Max, Google Sketch-up, Zbrush & Scupltris


Production Skills

  • Art Direction & Leadership: Built teams and pipelines for both 2D and 3D art to handle large person teams on high profile projects. Establish initial concept art and design for animation and game projects, overseeing teams of production both locally and abroad.  Disseminated style down to individuals and teams via review sessions and art presentations. Lead production artists in continuity and consistency of design and style with weekly art review meetings. Build style guides for mass consumption and cross studio continuity. Partnered with marketing divisions and franchise leads to establish brand awareness and longevity through best practices of art usage and creation.

  • Storyboarding: Expert in composition for TV and film with an extensive vocabulary of cinematic terminology. Can develop both beat boards for quick iteration of story development and more thoroughly refined storyboards.

  • Character Design: Professor of character design with a vast understanding of anatomy and shape theory that helps hone in on charming formulas for animation both 2d and 3d. Can develop hierarchal design details to create conforming characters in a given world. Can work in a variety of styles and create orthos.

  • Creation: Able to pinpoint pre-visualization needs and create pipeline on the fly. Ability to adapt to numerous art styles to stand up production styles quickly and effortlessly. Digitally trained illustrator, animator and story artist with fundamental knowledge of lighting, rendering techniques, storytelling and competitive character design. Trained as a presentation artist to pitch ideas before board members with little media overhead.

  • Communication: attuned to inner workings of office politics and transferring information between different languages and countries.  Handle 1-on-1 meetings with production artists to grow their careers and help them reach their goals. Daily scrums and weekly checkpoint meetings to keep all parties organized and on track for deadlines.

  • Participation: organizes in office training schedules as well as group events for career and team building. Host in-office training programs and art classes.



Below are recommendation letters from directors I’ve worked with in the past.


James Zachary                    

Phone: 310.592.7380 E-Mail: jlzachary@gmail.com Web: www.zynga.com

To Whom It May Concern:                    

This is a letter of high recommendation for Rick Lacy. He was always on the top of my list as a "must have" in any creative brainstorm. His ability to visually represent the group's ideas, along with his own, had a creative snowball effect. Characters, environments, worlds and game-play mechanics all sprung to life right in front of the group. He is one of those rare people who could take an idea all the way from a quick hallway conversation to a fully rendered, production-ready, piece of art that fits with the projects scope and requirements. It is amazing to witness. Ricks portfolio and resume only hint at what he is capable of creating. He honestly is a MUST HAVE on any creative team.

Feel free to contact me if you have any direct questions. I would be happy to talk with you.




James Zachary

Animation Director - Zynga





Mike Mattesi

Phone: 415.608.5592 E-Mail: mike@drawingforce.com Web: www.drawingforce.com

To whom it may concern,

I am writing you to recommend Rick Lacy for a creative and artistic position at your organization.  Rick is an extremely creative and passionate individual respecting business needs and goals. He possesses excellent drawing, composition and animation skills coupled with story and presentation ability.  Bundling these skills together makes Rick a powerful house creative and any organization would be fortunate to have him on their team.

Years ago Rick was a drawing student of mine at The School of Visual Arts where I also mentored him in his senior year. Over a decade later, I became his manager at Zynga.  In that role I witnessed Rick’s positive impact to the teams he interacted with.  Rick was well respected and even admired amongst his peers.  Besides acting as a lead on the mega hit Farmville 2, Rick also went on to develop numerous new intellectual properties for the company.

Rick is also excellent at presenting with a natural flair for entertaining and communicating. This ability combined with his creativity make for a strong contributor to any creative organization.

I hope you strongly consider Rick for a position at your company.



Most Sincerely,


Mike Mattesi


Concept Art Director and FORCE author